Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) Update

July 27, 2022


Title: Community Social Services Bargaining Association is back at the table

Distribution: CSSBA members 

Your community social services bargaining committee is preparing to head back to the table to negotiate a fair collective agreement that meets your needs and reflects your worth.

We have bargaining dates scheduled for the first two weeks of August and we anticipate a challenging set of discussions ahead of us. Your committee is continuing to work through the issues that you have identified as priorities including a compensation package that includes equitable wages, mental health supports, more accessible and affordable services and meaningful and tangible recognition for all Indigenous workers that work in General Services, Community Living Services and Indigenous Services agencies.

Where are we now in the bargaining process?

We are still in active negotiations. In this round of bargaining, your bargaining committee is applying the ‘interest-based negotiations’ process which means that both sides come together to identify their issues, challenges and interests in the sector with the goal of seeking an agreement.

If no agreement can be met, then your bargaining committee will be coming back to you for guidance as we go to the next phase of the bargaining process.

Essential Service levels negotiations

We are continuing to negotiate the essential service levels. Deciding what work is essential is a standard part of the bargaining process and it is done in a way that ensures the safety of you and your clients while identifying the minimum level of work that is required to do in the event of a job action. This does not necessarily mean that we will take job action, but this is part of how we are preparing for any scenario for you and your co-workers.

There is a community social services bargaining association (CSSBA) essential services committee that is working through the essential services proposals from the employers now through a clearly defined process.

What can I do?

While negotiations are happening, you can help out by making sure that all of your co-workers have their union cards and have updated their contact information with their union representatives or stewards. Please share this bulletin!

It is important that every workplace has the most up-to-date contact information so that we can keep everyone in the loop and stay engaged. Please check in with your worksite contacts and stewards and make sure that everyone in your workplace has signed union cards and updated contact information including personal email and phone numbers so that we can keep you informed.

In solidarity,

Your Community Social Services Bargaining Committee