Our Executive Council

The Executive Board is composed of seven serving professional representatives, each elected to serve a four-year term. It is the governing body responsible for overseeing the administration of the Union and progressing policy decisions made at the General Membership Meetings.

LiUNA Local 1611 Executive Board believes in fairness for working people, regardless of colour, gender, race or ethnicity, no matter our country of origin. A belief that our signatory employers' success directly relates to our members’ livelihood. Our skilled members provide the highest quality work in their fields.

Our Executive Board stands for individual advancement by offering members and employers the most up-to-date training in the skills needed to build our communities and our country. Our Board believes that a strong union movement can restore the strength of the middle class, and continues to lobby all levels of government to ensure the rights and interests of working people across the Province and the Yukon are the top concern.

We fight to give a voice to working people

The membership of the Board is designed to reflect the diverse membership base, with representatives drawn from the different employment backgrounds to provide full representation to all sectors.

The LiUNA Local 1611 team comprises six elected officers: Service Representatives, administrative and support staff who work collectively in 10 offices throughout the Province to serve the membership.

The current Executive Board has over 160 years of total membership in the Union.