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The following is a list of the courses offered by the Local 1611 Training PLUS. We offer classroom, computer-based and mobile-network training to our members throughout British Columbia. Courses are offered at various times Province wide by the Training Plan. Members will be notified of upcoming courses in their area as they are scheduled. ** For course dates being offered, contact our Training Plan office or click here.

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Traffic Control 

Virtual Classroom

Training PLUS is now facilitating live instructional courses in a virtual classroom. Using Zoom, students have the ability to take theory-based courses without having to step into a physical classroom. The following courses are being offered virtually: 

Online Training

Plagiarism Warning 

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own. We do not take plagiarism lightly and it is not tolerated for any Training PLUS courses.

We at Training PLUS strive to make our courses simple to navigate and accessible for our membership. We also need to maintain the integrity of our courses and our assessments in order to show our due diligence and to ensure that our members are qualified to work safely on the job.

All of our assessments for our Online or Virtual courses must be completed on one’s own and without the assistance of anyone else. If we have reason to believe that any assessment is plagiarized to any degree, corrective action will be taken to deal with the matter. This could range from having to complete the assessment again to academic probation depending on the circumstances. This goes for both anyone found plagiarizing exams or anyone who is believed to be aiding in the plagiarizing of our exams.

PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION SAFETY TRAINING (PCST) – Contact the Training Plan for information.

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