Earn cash for organizing

The more unionized companies we have, the stronger our union is, which helps members win superior wages & benefits.

Local 1611 members can earn up to $600 for helping us grow!

How it works

Every day our members and their families benefit from belonging to Local 1611. With your help, we can ensure even more people have the benefit of Local 1611 representing them. You can earn cash for helping us unionize a non-union employer by generating "leads." A lead is information that helps us unionize a workplace. It is a connection to workers, managers or owners who are interested in unionizing with us.

Cash for leads
  • Receive $100 for a lead that results in the start of an organizing drive

  • Receive $500 if your lead results in a newly unionized workplace

Where do I send leads?

Send your leads and questions to our Organizing team:

Call 1-800-788-2888 or EMAIL