Workers' advocacy

Advocacy for our members

The Labourers’ Membership Services Department of Local 1611 was established in 1981 to provide resources and advocacy services to members dealing with Workers’ Compensation Board (WorkSafeBC), Employment Insurance (EI), or Canada Pension Plan (CPP) claims. Our Workers’ Advocate assists members in the decision adjudication and appeal process, which can be overwhelming and stressful. The Workers’ Advocate deals directly with members to make the process easier and less stressful, with the ultimate goal being a fair and positive outcome.

Since its inception, Membership Services has represented or assisted more than 6,000 members and recovered an estimated $120 million for Local 1611 members through settlements, compensation or reimbursements through WCB, EI and CPP.

Have you been injured at work?
  • It is important that you report your injury immediately to your first aid attendant (if there is no first aid attendant, report to a Supervisor/Foreperson or a co-worker on site). 

  • Depending on severity of the injury, see your family doctor, or go to a walk-in clinic or the hospital as soon as practicable.

  • If your injury requires you to miss time from work or get medical treatment, file a claim with WCB right away. Workers can call WCB’s Teleclaim Centre to report an injury at 1-888-WORKERS (1-888-967-5377).

  • Make sure your health care provider submits a doctor’s report to WCB and that you have informed your doctor it is a workplace injury. 

  • Continue to update your doctor on your health status as long as your injury lasts. CLICK HERE for the WCB website.

CLICK HERE for more information on the WorkSafeBC website.

Has your WCB claim been denied?

There are two levels of appeal in the workers’ compensation system: the Review Division and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal (WCAT). An appeal to the Review Division is called a “Review” and an appeal to WCAT is called an “Appeal.”

Membership Services provides claim representation to walk members through the Review and Appeal process. We can help you with:

  • Preparing a Request for Review by writing and filing submissions to the Review Division

  • Notices of Appeal by writing and filing submissions to WCAT and representation at WCAT hearings; and

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Long Term Disability Services. 

The WCB appeal process can be overwhelming for an individual suffering from pain and injury. We are here to assist! Call 604-538-6992, toll-free 1-888-788-2888, or email

Are you suffering from hearing loss?

Members can file a claim for hearing loss by filling out a claim form and submitting it to WCB. This is called the "Application for Hearing Loss Resulting From Exposure to Long-Term Occupational Noise."

Or, you can call WCB Claims at 604-231-8888 or 1-888-967-5377 and ask to be sent “Form 4.”

If you encounter problems, we're always here to help. Call Labourers’ Membership Services at 604-538-6992toll free 1-888-788-2888 or email