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Are You Working… And Getting Nowhere?

It is reported that more than a half a million people in British Columbia live in poverty, twenty-five percent children, whose parents work, but are part of the new social class economists have coined as “The Working Poor”. Statistics Canada confirms that B.C. has the highest rate of working poor in the country, with a reported median household income of $41,866 or less after taxes. Organizations lobbying for a living wage have calculated that in the Lower Mainland, both adults in a family would need to work full-time making $20.64 per hour, to even meet a bare-bones budget.

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We understand that sometimes working hard isn’t enough. Workers’ need to ensure that they are being paid a ‘living wage.’ A wage they can raise a family on, in a respectful work environment with medical benefits and pension contributions.

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It is time to ‘Bring LiUNA To Work! … Let’s work together to change your situation, let’s get you the working conditions that will take you out of that ‘working poor’ category.

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